Christian Education

Edifying Christ through discipleship practices that highlight the spiritual walk in the Word that must be manifested in how we plant seeds of discipleship and nurture others is key to the creation of and participation in various programs, workshops, and classes on the local level, the national level, and service to the community as we put into practice what God wants us to do: edify Him through our purposeful attention to his principles. 

• Church School
To reach, teach , and  grow disciples to discover  and develop their spiritual gifts; To  Promote spiritual  growth, maturity,  knowledge and understanding of God’s Word,  and the Church, in a spiritually structured learning environment.

• Bibleversity/Bible Study

The Mid-Week Prayer/Bible Study Ministry’s mission is to keep alive “Black Baptist Church Tradition”; to give persons another opportunity to pray, praise, fellowship, and study the word of God with others for encouragement and edification; to assist the church in fulfilling its mission through prayer and study of the word of God as expressed in its Mission Statement; and to share and study through a corporate setting as found in many models in the word of God: Acts 1:12-15,  Acts 2:41-42, Acts 3:1, Acts 12: 5,12,  Acts 16:13,  and Acts 21:5.

• Vacation Bible Study
Bringing people to Christ through the week-long VBS experience enriches the lives of children, youth, young adults, adults, and seniors through concentrated time teaching and sharing God’s Word throughout the community as new disciples are birthed. We are invested in our community – the children and families, neighboring businesses and churches – so that we all become stronger in the process of leaning on the Lord through teaching and witnessing for Christ while working with the saved and future saved. VBS becomes a spiritual gateway to our Sunday School and morning worship experience.  All are welcome!