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New Member Information

As you begin your journey at Macedonia, we are so excited about what God will do with and through you.  

The New Member Networking Ministry is excited about helping you as you navigate through your experience with God and the church. In fact, that is what makes having a place of worship most meaningful. As your new family, we are committed to staying connected with you as you find meaning in this new journey and season of your life.

At Macedonia, we take serious the charge in 2 Timothy 2:15 “study to show yourself approved your unto God, a workman that is not ashamed but rightly divide the word of truth.” This is why your spiritual development is important to us! Therefore, we offer Church School and New Members Classes at 8:30 every Sunday followed by Morning Worship Service at 10 a.m. Each 2nd Sunday during Morning Worship Service we celebrate Communion and Baptismal. Every Wednesdays we have Bible Study that meets at noon and 7:00 p.m.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of the worship services, the various ministries and the vast teaching opportunities that we have in order for you to stay involved and connected.

Again Welcome to “The Place of Transformation!”

The Twelve Tribes of Macedonia

Twelve Tribes Biblical Origin: Genesis 49:1-28

The TRIBE Fellowship is an all-inclusive system.  It is designed to embrace and include, in the ministries of our Lord Jesus Christ, every member of the Macedonia Baptist Church Family.


• Oversee the entire membership within their month
•  Communicate information to Chairperson and Team Leaders
• Motivate Chairpersons and Team Leaders
• Monitor all planned programs and activities


• Develop and disseminate the financial requirements of the Church


• Assist with providing leadership within the TRIBE Fellowship


• Disseminate detailed information to Team Leaders and TRIBE Deacon
• Coordinate activities and fellowships as planned
• Actively participate in the motivation of Team Leaders and the entire TRIBE Fellowship
• Serve as a liaison between Deacons and Team Leaders


• Maintain written documentation of all meetings
• Monitor and record retention of membership

• Get to know the members
• Watch over and care for members
• Get each of the members involved in the Church’s ministries
• Inform members of the special ministries or progressive projects and efforts that may evolve
• Report the needs and concerns of each member
• Be sure no member goes unattended


• Attend fellowships
• Actively support and participate in planned programs and activities
• Inform TRIBE Team Leaders of any status/situation changes within their household and with other TRIBE Fellowship members.

First Friends

The First Friend committee ensures that the new member of Macedonia Baptist Church feels welcomed and comfortable.  The First Friend is to serve as the welcoming arm of the TRIBE assigned.  This committee ensures that Macedonia is able to retain the new members of the church.
Functions of the TRIBE Fellowship
•  To give counsel and guidance to all new members to aid them in getting started by way of introduction to, and training for, the several ministries that are in progress.  To help them understand the basic rules and requirements of the Christian Church.
• The TRIBE Fellowship, through the delegated powers and responsibilities of the TRIBE Fellowship leaders, must look after the needs of every member in the TRIBE Fellowship.  In times of happiness, as well as in times of need, the leaders must respond to that member and their family.  A report must be made to the general body for further action, if necessary.
• Although the TRIBE Fellowship is not a fund raising system, it is used to facilitate any church wide activity.
• Each member is contacted by their team leader and is informed about the necessary details on how that member may support such activities.  These actions are taken to ensure that the overall goal(s) of the Church is/are obtained.

**All Members Who Do Not Currently Have a Tribe Will Be Placed Into a Tribe Alphabetically According To Their Last Name**
Gad Tribe: Deacon Allen (A-B)             
Asher Tribe: Deacon Boyer (C-D)
Joseph Tribe: Deacon Budd (E-F)      
Levi Tribe: Deacon Ford, III (G-H)
Simeon Tribe: Deacon Campbell (I-J)    
Naptali Tribe: Deacon Gethers (K-L)
Dan Tribe: Deacon Hammock (M-N)   
Reuben Tribe: Deacon Taylor (O-P-Q)
Issachar Tribe: Deacon Smithwick (R-S)  
Judah Tribe: Deacon Webb (T-U)
Zebulun Tribe: Deacon Sample (V-W)
Benjamin Tribe: Deacon Chandler (XYZ