Ministries at Macedonia Baptist Church


A2J Youth Ministry: The mission of A2J is to obey the great commission by making disciples of youth, and to build positive and healthy relationships with a lifestyle that glorifies God.


Food Pantry/Clothes Closet Ministry: The Food Pantry/Clothes Closet Ministry is committed to fighting hunger and poverty in our community, city, and state one person and one meal at a time, while disseminating information that affect the citizens of our community regarding health, education, and economics. We will provide a location to gather to address these various issues, carrying out this mission in a courteous and polite manner while exhibiting compassion, non-partisan behavior, and leading from example with the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” as our guide.


Christian Marriage Ministry/Married Couples Ministry: The mission is to help transform and strengthen marriages, building on a solid foundation of Christ and his truth for healthy marriages and family relationships.


Wedding Ministry: The Wedding Ministry’s mission is to ensure that the spiritual integrity of the wedding service is preserved, while also ensuring the wedding preparations are secured appropriately and is a pleasant experience for the bride, groom and wedding party.


Women’s Ministry: The mission is to uplift the women of all ages. An annual celebrated Day on the first Sunday in June. Leaders for this event are nominated each year. The church membership volunteer each year for various committees that are formed to support the Woman’s Day events.


Men Ministry: The mission of the Men’s ministry is to uplift the men of the church of all ages. An annual day is celebrated to nominate a young man and elder who has been a blessing to the church. The church membership volunteer each year for various committees that are formed to support the Men’s Day events.


Silver Threads-Seniors Ministry: The Silver Threads-Senior Ministry’s mission is to participate in Bible study, fellowship, and outreach activities that enhance their interactions with each other, other churches, and community organizations which represent issues of interest and importance to seniors.


Ushers Ministry (Youth, Young Adult, Junior, Adult and Senior): The mission of the ushers is to be servants for the Lord, ushering His people into the presence of our God, and keeping watch over his House as its doorkeepers during all spiritual services.


Deaconess Ministry: The Deaconess Ministry’s mission is to serve as a spiritual support to the Pastor and the church, provide spiritual relief as divine servants for those that are infirm, poor, and struggling with meeting their social needs, as well as being Christian crusaders who teach Christian education and evangelize the word of the Lord.


Macedonia Dance Ministry (Youth, Young Adult, and Treasures): The Macedonia Dance Ministry mission is to present our members as “sacrificing servants” to the Lord through humble, spiritual, well-choreographed expressive dance to the Lord’s spiritual music, while seeking to mentor young Christian women through the study of God’s Word, and discussing godly lifestyles, and praying together. As we rely on God’s direction, we humbly offer our worship to many, but are always mindful that we are ultimately dancing for “An audience of One”.


Christian Education Ministry: The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to coordinate, facilitate, and promote teaching and learning experiences that will enable the church to follow its mission-pledge-purpose; and to follow Christ, the master teacher, who commands, “Make Disciples!”


Archives Ministry: The mission of the Archives Ministry is to collect, sort, and preserve the written history of Macedonia Baptist Church.


Music Ministry: The mission of the Music Ministry is to provide Christ centered music that will establish an atmosphere of worship, usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit, edify and inspire all who are present in the worship experience, allow the Holy Spirit to move freely within the worship service, and to reach and inspire those souls that are not saved.


Scholarship Ministry: The mission of the Scholarship Ministry is to raise funds to assist active church members attending college or those who need to enhance educational skills in the workplace.


Johnson Watts Nurses Unit Ministry: The mission of the Johnson Watts Nurses Unit Ministry is to aid and give comfort to members and visitors of MBC whenever and however necessary during any church functions, and to assist during funeral services in providing comfort to the family of the deceased while at the church.


Audio/Visual Ministry: The mission of the Sound/Media Ministry is to provide technological support to the hearing of God’s word through the speaker’s enhanced projection, as well as the musical, and visual enhancement for the edification of each member’s and visitor’s worship experience.


Marvis P. May Bereavement Ministry: The mission of the Marvis P. May Bereavement Ministry is to be available emotionally and spiritually at the time of death to listen, to be honest and not probing, to be non-judgmental, and to provide presence of God when the bereaved sometimes cannot see God. Our mission is to also offer comfort and encourage the bereaved community to take care of themselves.


The Missionary Ministry: The mission of the Missions Ministry is to promote world mission and Christian education to as many and as far as we can reach, and to back up our creed with our deeds based on Matthew 25:31-46; for this goal we assiduously aspire the triumphant day when we hear our Master say, “In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me.”


The Ladies Guild Ministry: The mission of the Ladies Guild Ministry is to assist in defraying the cost of fuel for the church, advance the interest of Christian fellowship in the church and in the community with assistance from other organizations, encourage spiritual growth, promote the general welfare of its members, and help our hurting humanity.

Sunday/Church School: The mission of Sunday School is to prepare the hearts and minds and of the members and visitors to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior previous to Sunday worship. Sunday School begins at 8:30-9:30am.

Church Wide Planning Ministry: The ministry serves to plan, budget and execute events for the Macedonia Baptist Church family. We partner and collaborate with all ministries to create the yearly church calendar to detail all church events, ministry meetings and fellowship activities.

Culinary Ministry: The Culinary Ministry is a team of members dedicated to feeding the flock. The ministry prepares and serves enjoyable meals to the church and community for special occasions (conferences, workshops, funerals, weddings, repasts, and meetings), while creating a comfortable atmosphere for Christian fellowship.

Evangelism Ministry: The Evangelism Ministry mission is to coordinate with the pastor and to plan and implement vital and comprehensive outreach ministry for the congregation to reach people of all ages with Christian love and healing. The ministry also engages with others to carry out programs of membership care, including plans for growth in devotional life and distribution of devotional materials to the community.