About United

The Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City is an aggregate of a diverse demographic representing people from all walks of life. From blue-collar to white-collar, from children of all ages to senior citizens, from educational dropouts to earned doctorates; married, single, divorced, and widowed; employed, unemployed, and retired: name the category, and there is a likelihood someone who is a member of the Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City fits. Every race, ethnic background and sexual orientation; every family makeup – one’s walk of life is no disqualifier for membership at the Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City and/or having any association with the Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City. All are welcome.  As it is, the Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City is a church who has welcomed all and received those who have desired membership with the church, without any opposing judgement, who have completed New Member classes/orientation, and who continue to support the church and her mission: Such would be those who make up the membership of the Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City and of whom, we most proudly call family.


As Christians we promote the witness of Jesus Christ, having the foundation our of faith in the Word of God, of which we deem to be the Holy Scriptures: the Holy Bible. Moreover it is our desire to serve the Lord and advance His kingdom by honoring the Great Commission and doing all that we believe is the will of God, that is consistent with the Word of God. Furthermore, as Baptists we align ourselves with the Baptist Articles of Faith.  


The Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City exists to make a positive difference in the lives of people through the witness of our Christian faith.


Making Disciples. Making A Difference.


The Macedonia Baptist Church of Baltimore City endeavors to encourage and empower people through the Christian faith; as we believe individuals who are so encouraged and empowered, will in turn, establish positive, strong, viable relationships, families, community, and ultimately an effective comprehensive witness of the Lord’s church.


Our Core Values (Just think of G.R.E.A.T.)

  • We believe everything begins with and is possible through God.
  • We believe God designated Relationships for our good, and therefore desires us to have a growing, maturing, healthy interaction with Him and with others.
  • We believe God wants us (people of faith) to be people of Encouragement, motivating ourselves and others in the potential and possibilities that come with a life of faith.
  • We believe God wants to use our life as an Authentic witness, which requires truth and transparency; and as a result of truthful, transparent testimonies, positive transformation can take place in people’s lives.
  • We believe our foundation, formation, and life of faith must be Theological and to this end, the study, understanding and application of the Word of God must be our primary practice as believers.